The Best Calm App Review 2023

Feb 15, 2023 By Madison Evans


A lot of people have heard of the Calm App and its capacity to help people relax and sleep better. The Calm App is one of the best-received mindfulness and relaxation products on the market today because of its sleek and simple design, intuitive interface, and extensive set of functions. The App's features, which include daily insight meditation, sleep tales read by famous people, soothing music and noises, mindfulness classes, and the ability to monitor one's progress, are all geared at improving one's mental and emotional health.

Despite its many positive aspects, Calm App also has some limitations, such as the fact that full access to all features requires a premium subscription, which can be expensive for some users. Despite this, the App's many benefits and positive impact on its users' mental and emotional health make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to reduce stress and anxiety and improve their overall well-being.


The Calm App offers many features to help users improve their mental and emotional well-being. Some of its most notable features include:

Daily Meditations

The Calm App offers daily guided meditations for users to listen to and practice. These meditations cover many topics, from stress and anxiety reduction to gratitude and self-compassion.

Sleep Stories

The Calm App also offers sleep stories, which are bedtime stories designed to help users fall asleep more easily. The stories are narrated by well-known celebrities and cover a variety of themes, including nature, science, and adventure.

Music And Sounds

In addition to meditations and sleep stories, the Calm App also features a collection of calming music and sounds, including white noise, rain, and nature sounds. These sounds can be combined with meditation or used to help users relax and unwind.

Mindfulness Courses

The Calm App also offers mindfulness courses, a series of lessons designed to teach users various mindfulness and meditation techniques. The courses range from beginner to advanced and cover stress reduction, self-compassion, and gratitude.

Tracking And Progress

The Calm App allows users to track their progress and set goals for their mindfulness and meditation practice. Users can log their daily meditation sessions and see how they have improved.

Ease Of Use

The Calm App is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The interface is simple and intuitive, and users can easily find what they want with a few taps on the screen. The App's design is also visually appealing, with a clean and minimalist aesthetic.


The Calm App offers a free version with limited features, but users can upgrade to a premium subscription for access to all of the App's features. The premium subscription costs $12.99 per month or $59.99 per year.


Wide Range Of Features

The Calm App offers a variety of features, including daily meditations, sleep stories, music and sounds, mindfulness courses, and tracking and progress, making it a comprehensive tool for promoting mindfulness and relaxation.

User-Friendly Interface

The Calm App is easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to find what they need.

High-Quality Content

The meditations, sleep stories, and mindfulness courses offered on the Calm App are of high quality and are narrated by well-known celebrities and experienced mindfulness teachers.

Visually Appealing Design

The Calm App has a visually attractive design, with a clean and minimalist look that is easy on the eyes and contributes to the overall relaxing experience. The App's design is one of the reasons why it is so successful.


Premium Subscription Required For Full Access

Users may download a free version of the Calm App with a restricted set of functions, but to access the exclusive features, they will need to pay for a paid membership.

Costly Premium Subscription

The premium version of the Calm App may be subscribed to for a steep price: either $12.99 per month or $59.99 for the whole year.


In conclusion, Calm App is a highly effective tool for promoting mindfulness and relaxation, offering users a wide range of features to help improve their mental and emotional well-being. From daily guided meditations to sleep stories, music and sounds, mindfulness courses, and progress tracking, Calm App provides a comprehensive solution for reducing stress and anxiety. The App's user-friendly interface, visually appealing design, and high-quality content make it a joy to use, and its popularity is a testament to its effectiveness. While its premium subscription model may be a drawback for some users, the App's many benefits make it well worth the investment for anyone looking to improve their mental and emotional health. Overall, Calm App is valuable for cultivating a more mindful and relaxed lifestyle.

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