Methods For Treating Dry Hair At Home

Feb 28, 2023 By Madison Evans


Hair dry to the touch is often fragile and difficult to manage. Yet there is good news: you do have some options. Dry hair does not indicate a more serious health issue or a defect in the hair itself. Hair can become dry and brittle by exposure to the sun, heated tools, high humidity, smoking, and other factors. What follows are suggestions for dealing with dry hair.

Get Trimmed

A new haircut might act as a reset button if your hair has become too dry. Split ends can cause dryness or coarseness, making styling difficult even on shorter hair. So get a haircut and remove the dead, damaged hair dragging down your new growth. Ask the hairdresser for advice tailored to your hair's texture and length while you're there. They could suggest a different hair care routine that is gentler on your hair.

Consume Vitamins

Although you probably already know that you need vitamins to keep your body functioning properly, you might not realize that the condition of your hair and nails is directly affected by the intake of particular vitamins. Some people take prenatal vitamins only for their effect on their hair because they include all the vitamins above.

Using biotin-only supplements has also become common to improve hair's appearance. Other studies, however, have cast doubt on the premise that biotin makes a major effect. In addition, there is evidence that taking marine protein supplements can help hair stay healthy.

Eat Omega-3s And Antioxidants

Thickening of the hair is prevented, and a more radiant appearance is achieved thanks to marine proteins. Increasing your intake of marine proteins can provide comparable effects without using supplements. All of the following are included under this category:

  • salmon
  • oysters
  • mackerel
  • tuna
  • sardines

The peptides and omega-3 fatty acids in these will help your hair shine.

Prevent Daily Hairwashing

When you wash your hair with shampoo, the filth and sweat are gone, but the sebum is gone too. Sebum is the natural oil responsible for making your hair easy to manage and lustrous when present in enough quantities. Hair that produces too much sebum looks oily.

Nevertheless, you don't need to be rinsing out sebum from your hair every day; washing your hair each day is plenty to make your hair seem healthier. If you must wash your hair daily, consider a dry-hair shampoo or even baby shampoo. Both can be used on hair without removing all of the natural oils.

Wrap Hair Instead Of Air-Drying

Drying your hair too quickly can cause it to lose moisture, leaving it dry and brittle. Instead of letting your hair air dry after washing, use a towel. If you want to sleep with wet hair on a silk pillowcase to prevent your pillows from getting damp. One research from 2011 found that blow drying occurred when hair was left wet for extended periods.

Use Fewer Hot Tools For Styling

Using heat tools to curl, straighten, or puff up your hair has been a staple in your beauty regimen for decades. Likewise, it might be the cause of your hair's dryness. Analysis of the hair shaft before and after blow drying revealed substantial damage. While blow-drying your hair, keeping the drier at a distance of at least 6 inches from the hair shaft is preferable.

Take A Cooler Shower

The hot water you use to wash your body in the shower is too hot for your hair. Several studies have linked taking a cold shower to increased hair growth. When you're done in the shower with your shampoo and conditioner, give your hair a cool water rinse for a minute or two to reinvigorate the strands and soothe the scalp.

Utilize Essential Oils

Several people have successfully used Moroccan argan oil to treat damaged hair. Unfortunately, we don't have enough information to say whether or not this treatment is effective. Argan oil may be applied to the hair's ends to make them look smoother and softer.

Other essential oils, for example, lavender and peppermint, might help halt hair loss and protect strands from damage. If you have dry hair, you could use argan oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, and a carrier oil like coconut oil, as a quick-spraying hair scent helps.

Wear A Cap

The hair follicle is just as vulnerable to UV damage as the skin is. Avoid exposing your dry hair to the sun as much as possible. Keep your head covered and your time in the sun to a minimum. Using pure aloe vera gel on hair that has previously been exposed to UV radiation may help restore its health.

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